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  • Personality

    Colors are a fundamental element in our lives, capable of influencing our emotions and our mood. When you think of Ortece and the wide choice of colors, the idea of a rainbow of opportunities and personal expression comes to mind. The chromatic variety of the products offers the possibility of finding the perfect color for every occasion, whether it is a touch of discreet elegance or an explosion of vitality.

  • Tradition

    The variety of colors represents the Italian lifestyle and its rich culture. Italy is known for its passion, art and creativity, and the chromatic diversity of Ortece recalls this tradition. Colors are a form of artistic expression, and Ortece celebrates this tradition through its products.

  • Authentic

    Ortece takes its name from Portici, a small town near Naples, and this adds a touch of authenticity and local connection.
    The colors that Ortece offers recall the landscapes, architecture and traditions of this fascinating Italian city, thus capturing a piece of that culture and bringing it to the world through its products.

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